On the last day of tryouts for the middle school basketball team, I decided I didn’t care about sports anymore. I wanted to play music instead. I skipped tryouts that day (sorry, Coach) and asked my parents to buy me a guitar for Christmas. They did.

Since then, I’ve played in a few indie rock bands. Twin Cities has been and remains my main songwriting outlet, but I’ve also played with extremely talented musicians in  Team Tremolo and Coriander. The playlist above highlights some of my favorite songs I’ve written and recorded while playing in bands over the years.

Most of my music is available to download for free. Here’s a full discography of everything I’ve recorded with links to download the albums.



Team Tremolo – Intruder (Writing Credit, Bass)


Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing (Vocals, guitar)

Coriander – CreativeRush Songwriter Studio (Bass)

Twin Cities/Faux Reality – Split EP (Vocals, guitar)


Twin Cities – Sunflower Sessions Vol. II (Vocals, guitar, ukelele)

Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Twin Cities – Sunflower Sessions Vol. I (Vocals, guitar)

Coriander – Old Invitations (Bass, vocals)

2013 and earlier:

Twin Cities – The Past Four Months (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Twin Cities – Ryan Stoldt/Joshua Erickson Split EP [2010-Currently unavailable] (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Ryan Stoldt – The Shinyface EP [2008-Currently unavailable] (Vocals, guitar, harmonica)