Life Update – August 2018

New wife! New running distances! New publications! New conference presentations! New semester! This list is getting less exciting as it goes on for most people, so I’ll quit with the exclamation points now. Here’s my self-indulgent detailing of the last few months. Woo-hoo.

Amanda and I married in June, and she moved up to Iowa after an amazing honeymoon in Portland, Oregon (mostly spent in Powell’s Books). We spent the first few weeks of our life in Iowa transitioning my apartment into our apartment. The whole place looks much better now even thought I doubted everything Amanda wanted to do. While Amanda’s most excited about all of the new furniture, I’m still most excited about our combined library and vinyl collection. I was starting to catch up with books I owned that I hadn’t read. Not anymore.

Now that we’re settled in, we’ve both started working again. Amanda got a job teaching at a preschool in Iowa City earlier this month, so she’s been learning a new routine and building relationships with her new students. I’ve been busy prepping and teaching two new classes at Iowa, finishing my coursework for my Ph.D. and certificate in college teaching, and beginning to prepare my reading lists for my comprehensive exams.

Although we’re staying busy, Amanda and I have a lot going on outside of work that we’re excited about. Amanda’s planning to dive in to her creative work, and I’m super excited about seeing what she ends up doing. I’m hoping to launch a website for her in the coming months that shows off her writing and photography. I’ll post a bunch of stuff about it when I do because I think her creative work is brilliant. I’m also trying to get more creative work done this semester. I have plans to demo a bunch of new songs for Twin Cities, work my way through Gregory Orr’s Primer for Poets to strengthen my writing, and to launch a weird, experimental story idea that will probably go terribly. Although I don’t have a ton of time to give to all of these creative projects, I have a lot of time to think about them because I’m training for a half marathon. My plan is to finally knock them out when my knees give and I can’t walk anymore.

More of my time is being spent working on writing and presentations for work though. I’ve had two publications accepted recently that I’ll share information about once the publications become publicly available. I also have one upcoming conference in Austin, Texas at the end of September. I’ll be submitting papers to more conferences throughout the year, and I’ve got three papers I’m preparing for publication. In the past few months, my advisor Brian Ekdale presented our research on influencer industries at the International Communication Association in Prague, Czech Republic and another co-author Mariah Wellman presented our research on influencer ethics at AEJMC in Washington, D.C.

As always, here’s a list of things I’ve read recently that I loved:

And here’s a Spotify playlist of my favorite releases from this summer: