Creative Work



Team Tremolo – Intruder (Writing Credit, Bass)


Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing (Vocals, guitar)

Coriander – CreativeRush Songwriter Studio (Bass)

Twin Cities/Faux Reality – Split EP (Vocals, guitar)


Twin Cities – Sunflower Sessions Vol. II (Vocals, guitar, ukelele)

Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Twin Cities – Sunflower Sessions Vol. I (Vocals, guitar)

Coriander – Old Invitations (Bass, vocals)

2013 and earlier:

Twin Cities – The Past Four Months (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Twin Cities – Ryan Stoldt/Joshua Erickson Split EP [2010-Currently unavailable] (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Ryan Stoldt – The Shinyface EP [2008-Currently unavailable] (Vocals, guitar, harmonica)

Creative Writing


Stoldt, R. (2014). An Argument Against Pablo Neruda. Kudzu Literary Journal.

Stoldt, R. (2014). Sunday Nights on AMC. Stepping Stones Magazine.