I teach classes in media production, journalism and public relations writing, and media theory. These classes seek to help students become more fluent consumers and producers of media and more fully understand how media plays a role in their everyday lives. I believe students learn best if they are able to connect with and personally relate to the information being presented in the classroom. This belief serves a formative role in the way a structure my classroom, which centers on conversations and engagements between class materials and students experiences.

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling
University of Iowa, Fall 2018 to Spring 2019
Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling teaches students basic skills to develop video, photo, audio, and data stories for journalism and mass communication stories. This class serves as a co-requisite with Journalistic Reporting and Writing. I led a weekly 3-hour lab where I taught students hardware like DSLR cameras for photo and video and H4N audio recorders as well as software like WordPress, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Audacity.

Journalistic Reporting and Writing
University of Iowa, Fall 2018 to Spring 2019
Journalistic Reporting and Writing introduces students to the field of journalism. Throughout the semester, students pitch, research, and write stories about the local community. I led a weekly 3-hour lab where I taught students core journalism principles as well as journalistic writing, interviewing, and editing techniques.

Media Uses and Effects
University of Iowa, Fall 2015 to Spring 2017
Media Uses and Effects introduces students to social scientific research, walking them through the basic theoretical and methodological processes media research has employed through the years. Although largely a conceptual course, this class served as the primary research methods class for journalism students at the University of Iowa. I led weekly discussion sections for the class.

Principles of Strategic Communication
University of Iowa, Fall 2019
Principles of Strategic Communication focuses on how strategies, goals, objectives, and tactics connect across strategic communication campaign. This conceptual course prepares students for future courses that focus on developing tactics for campaigns. I served as the grader for this course. I also attended lectures weekly and met with students about their work.

Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns
Wichita State University, Spring 2015
Students enrolled in this capstone class work with clients from the local community to overcome a strategic communication issue the client is facing. Over the semester, the students meet with clients, create a strategy and tactics, and pitch their final campaign to the client. I served as a teaching assistant for this class, working to make sure students were meeting deadlines with clients and acting as a liaison between the students and clients.

Introduction to Human Communication
Wichita State University, Spring 2014 to Spring 2015
This large lecture class served as a general education credit in communication for undergraduates. The class surveyed a variety of approaches to studying human communication, ranging from interpersonal communication to cultural communication. I began the course as a teaching assistant who helped with assignment development and grading, but I regularly lectured by my third semester as a teaching assistant.

Introduction to Public Speaking
Wichita State University, Spring 2014 to Summer 2015
This introductory class worked with students from across the university to develop their public speaking skills. Students developed and presented four five-to-ten minute speeches throughout the semester. The course taught skills in research, outlining, persuasive argumentation, and different forms of communication. I served as the instructor of record for two classes per semester.