I started tracking my daily media usage last year. It doesn’t include everything (academic articles, podcasts, social media usage, etc.), but it includes a lot. In 2018, I watched more than 50 seasons of television, nearly 100 movies, and read about 100 books. You have to have someway to de-stress after a busy year of work. Click here to see my top 10 lists of music, movies, and television from 2018. Otherwise, here’s my full 2018 media diet:

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I decided to track a Steven Soderbergh-esque media diet that focused on the books, televisions, movies, video games, and podcasts that I consumed over the past year. I chose these media because they contained a full story or an important section of a story. This lists only contains media I finished consuming and doesn’t have any media I quit partway through. The “S” at the end of each television show stands for a complete season consumed. The podcasts on this list are self-contained stories. This doesn’t include the many podcasts I listen to weekly. Overall, I watched 41 films, 51 seasons/arcs of television series, and read 62 books. Continue reading “2017 Media Diet”

10. Cool Choices by S

9. Never Hungover Again by Joyce Manor

8. My Favourite Faded Fantasy by Damien Rice

7. Upside Down Mountain by Conor Oberst

6. You’re Gonna Miss It All by Modern Baseball

5. Keep Doing What You’re Doing by You Blew It!

4. Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey

3. St. Vincent by St. Vincent

2. Benji by Sun Kil Moon

1. DSU by Alex G