New Music: Team Tremolo – Intruder

Before moving to Iowa City, my good friend William Erickson asked me to play bass in a new alternative/stoner/shoegaze band called Team Tremolo. Although the project originally began as Will’s bedroom recording project, he formed a band to expand the songs and to perform live. Before moving, I played a few shows with them and helped write/arrange the band’s first five or six songs. A few of the songs I assisted in writing were recorded by the current members of Team Tremolo last spring for their first EP. The culmination of these efforts, “Intruder,” is now available to download via Air House Records and available on cassette via This Ain’t Heaven Recording.

I’m really proud of Will’s work on this album. It’s one of my favorite pieces of music released in Wichita, and I’m thankful to have been a part of the songwriting process for “Slipping the Noose” and “Worship You.” I’m also extremely thankful that Team Tremolo’s current bass player Caleb Drummond honored my parts and performed them so well on the recordings.

“No One Wants To Live Here Now” by Twin Cities

“I can’t wait to get out of Wichita” is a refrain I’ve heard a lot throughout my life. A lot of people I know blame Wichita for their problems. They thought life would finally start going perfectly for them if they could only live in a different place.

“No One Wants To Live Here Now” was a song I wrote in response to this thought. It’s one of the three completed songs (with more to come) slated for the next Twin Cities’ release.

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New Music: Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing


Twin Cities is releasing our first full length LP Missing Out On Nothing. The songs were written over the course of five years and recorded in two marathon 12 hour sessions by myself, Will Erickson, and Caleb Drummond.

The album explores the themes of loss and aging existentially, ultimately expressing the concern that “I’m afraid I’m missing out on everything. I’m afraid I’m missing out on nothing.” This dichotomy (most clearly apparent in “Graduation,” the album’s title track) appears repeatedly through the lens of loves lost, unrequited, and impossible because of time.

2015 Twin Cities Summer Tour


Twin Cities will be hitting the road with our friends in The Travel Guide May 15-31. We’ll be playing a mix of old songs and new songs for our forthcoming album “Missing Out On Nothing” that will be out later this year.

Here’s our schedule:
May 15: Wichita, KS
May 16: Kansas City, MO
May 17: Omaha, NE
May 18: Des Moines, IA
May 19: Iowa City, IA
May 20: Minneapolis, MN
May 21: Lacrosse, WI
May 22: Rockford, IL
May 23: Chicago, IL
May 24: Normal, IL
May 25: Fort Wayne, IN
May 26: Muncie, IN
May 27: Cincinnati, OH
May 28: Nashville, TN
May 29: Evansville, IN
May 30: St. Louis, MO
May 31: Kansas City, MO

New Music: Twin Cities x Faux Reality Split EP

Twin Cities recently worked with Faux Reality to produce a new four song EP that has two songs from each band. We released our new song “Everything Made Sense” and a cover of Faux Reality’s “Nostalgia.” They released their new song “Rib-Cage Blues” and a cover of our song “Brown Eyes.”

Our good friend Kristyn Chapman designed the album artwork based on Haruki Murakami’s book 1Q84. The book deals a lot of similar themes to the split EP, so Will (the drummer for Twin Cities) and I spent a lot of time talking about the thematic similarities between the two.

“Everything Made Sense With You Around” by Twin Cities

This is a new song entitled “Everything Made Sense With You Around.” I wrote it 2 or 3 years ago during the most stressful moment of finals week. My guitar is my best friend during stressful times, and I often turn to songwriting during panic attacks. This was one of those instances. Will and I are hoping to release this song soon, but more details will be announced at a later time.

Twin Cities currently is giving our music away for free at If you like what you hear, we’d love for you to download more!

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New Music: Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through

Will Erickson and I have been working for the last six months on refining some old Twin Cities songs and writing some new ones. The culmination of these writing sessions is our new EP “The Things You Say You Just Went Through.” Half of the EP was written with my original collaborator in Twin Cities, Josh Erickson. He wrote “Belmont Hills” for his old band The Destroyers (which I eventually played bass with), and we co-wrote “Repeated History” and “Record Sides.”

I’m excited about this new EP because I can hear a lot of my biggest influences throughout the album. Here’s some of my favorite moments:

  • I play my first guitar solo (!!!) on “Face the Facts,” and it feels as close as it can to something from “There’s Nothing Wrong with Love” era Built to Spill (Some clarification: this is based on my ability–Doug Martsch is so much better at guitar than I am. It doesn’t really come close).
  • “Black Box” is the heaviest song I’ve written. Will helped write an incredible bass part for the intro, which I had a blast playing while recording. I tried to channel Cursive and Margot and Nuclear So and Sos (at least their heavier songs) when writing this song.
  • The lead guitar in the chorus of “Record Sides” shows my attempt at writing a part by Robert Smith of The Cure. It’s really catchy. It might be catchy enough that it’s annoying. We’ll see.

As always, this album is free to download. Here’s the track list:

  1. Face the Facts
  2. Settling for Second Best
  3. Black Box
  4. Belmont Hills
  5. Repeated History
  6. Record Sides