New Music: Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through

Will Erickson and I have been working for the last six months on refining some old Twin Cities songs and writing some new ones. The culmination of these writing sessions is our new EP “The Things You Say You Just Went Through.” Half of the EP was written with my original collaborator in Twin Cities, Josh Erickson. He wrote “Belmont Hills” for his old band The Destroyers (which I eventually played bass with), and we co-wrote “Repeated History” and “Record Sides.”

I’m excited about this new EP because I can hear a lot of my biggest influences throughout the album. Here’s some of my favorite moments:

  • I play my first guitar solo (!!!) on “Face the Facts,” and it feels as close as it can to something from “There’s Nothing Wrong with Love” era Built to Spill (Some clarification: this is based on my ability–Doug Martsch is so much better at guitar than I am. It doesn’t really come close).
  • “Black Box” is the heaviest song I’ve written. Will helped write an incredible bass part for the intro, which I had a blast playing while recording. I tried to channel Cursive and Margot and Nuclear So and Sos (at least their heavier songs) when writing this song.
  • The lead guitar in the chorus of “Record Sides” shows my attempt at writing a part by Robert Smith of The Cure. It’s really catchy. It might be catchy enough that it’s annoying. We’ll see.

As always, this album is free to download. Here’s the track list:

  1. Face the Facts
  2. Settling for Second Best
  3. Black Box
  4. Belmont Hills
  5. Repeated History
  6. Record Sides

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