New Class: Introduction to Human Communication

On the first day of my undergraduate degree at Wichita State University, I walked into a large lecture led by Sandy Sipes to take a general education class in communication, Comm 190: Introduction to Human Communication. I was a Secondary English Education major at the time but switched my major over to communication because I loved the class so much. Now I’m assisting Sandy in teaching the class.

As part of my duties as a teaching assistant at Wichita State University, I’ll be presenting large lectures to the 250+ student class, writing and grading exams, and supporting Sandy. While I’m only going to lecture a few times in my first semester of assisting in the course, I plan to take on more lectures every semester I assist with the class. I plan to lecture on interpersonal topics including listening and critical thinking; intercultural communication; organizational communication; small group communication; and communicating through new media.