Conference Presentation: Binge-Watching: The Emergence of Instant Gratification Television Culture

My paper “Binge-Watching: The Emergence of Instant Gratification Television Culture” was accepted into the 2015 Southwest Popular Culture Association regional conference as part of a panel entitled “What hath Netflix Wrought? Television in the New Digital Media Era.” This exploratory study explored how binge-watching has been described in the television industry and past academic research. The paper proposes an alternative qualification of binge-watching from an episodic model to a time-based model. Here’s the abstract:

The exploratory paper describes and defines the qualifications of binge-watching for future research, examines media trends reports on binge-watching to trace its progression as a new cultural consumption norm, and pairs such reports with news media portrayals of binge-watching for insight into the consumer shift to binge-watching. 

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